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WaveNRG SAS is developing a floating device to convert the energy of waves and sea currents into electrical energy. The simplicity of the system structure will allow the very rapid development of this innovative technology. We are looking for industry partners and funds to bring this technology to the TRL 7-8.

Our invention of wave-tidal floating converter allows producing an electrical energy from a vertical axis turbine which drives the generator directly. The system works as a tidal energy converter where marine currents exist due to the tide or as a wave energy converter as it is set in motion by waves. The displacement of the turbine under water, made by the movement of the float with the column, generates a mechanical torque on the turbine and its rotation. The torque is transmitted directly by the transmission shaft to the electric generator. The shape of the blades of the turbine ensures its rotation only in one direction, independently of the direction of displacement of the column.

The system developed by our company will be realized in two versions: using the energy of ocean currents thanks to the vertical axis turbine for a power of the device of 0.8 - 1.2 MW or as a converter of wave energy with a power of 100 to 300 kW, depending on the height of the waves.

In 2019, WaveNRG is one of the 34 projects selected for the MARINET2 program, a European project for R & D in the marine energy sector - Horizon 2020 of the European Union.

As such, we received a grant n ° 731084 giving us access to one of the 57 test facilities, internationally recognized and dedicated to marine energy in Europe.

In July 2019 we conducted a series of tests of our new device in COAST Ocean Basin at the University of Plymouth in England.

As a result of these tests, our company first focuses on the development of the floating tidal turbine - wave energy converter. This is due to the fact that it is a predictable renewable energy and the price of electricity generated by this system should be quickly comparable to the market prices of offshore wind turbines.